The Brentwood Lady Lacrosse program is committed to developing character, personal integrity and sportsmanship in young women through the competitive sport of Lacrosse.

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Program Director/Travel:                  Sheila Yoder             615-957-2980  

Director of Coaching/Scheduling:    Kelly Benward          615-775-1340  

Treasurer:                                         Christine Skold

Uniforms/Apparel:                          Ally Nicholson           631-905-5794  

Sponsorship/Marketing:                  Kevin Skold               605-604-0880   

Secretary:                                    Colleen Zonarich         401-374-5955      

High School Manager                     Kevin Skold               615-604-0880  

High School JV Mgr                       Amy Cesarone           773-575-5133  

Middle School Manager                 Cindy Symonds          678-231-1695

Middle School Manager                 Colleen Zonarich        401-374-5955

Elementary Coach/Mgr                  Kirsten Petterson